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Good morning America! By now you must have had your morning cup of coffee. So what’s inside a cup of coffee?

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How custom shoe ecommerce company, Shoes of Prey is closing the gap between online & offline shopping experiences.

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Hong Kong’s Bonham Strand trains ex-drug addicts as bespoke tailors & aims to restore ‘Made in HK’ label.

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A conversation with Taka of Liverano & Liverano


I haven’t been around nearly long enough and know far too little to authoritatively talk about the incredible work that the artisans at Liverano & Liverano produce. Thankfully, those far more learned than I, like the folks at The Armoury, have already declared the atelier sartoria to be “one of the greats of the Italian tailoring world.” What I can say is that I was pleasantly surprised at their willingness to entertain the fancies of a traveling university student. After sending them an e-mail out of the blue asking if I could stop in for a chat and some photos, they were gracious enough to welcome me into their beautiful workshop and bear with my barrage of questions.

Over two balmy Florentine afternoons (with some delicious espresso interspersed throughout), I spoke with Taka Osaki about the specifics of Liverano’s style, the importance of color, and other such topics.

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US President LBJ reminds us that a tailor is one of the very few people in the world we can (and should) tell even the most private details of our bodies to.